About Us
The most critical time of each human life is the first twelve years when the framework for life is created. Children often feel as though they must ‘wait to grow up’ before they can DO anything during this time.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

From birth to puberty children intuitively look for meaningful development at CORE. HUMAN beings are designed for it.

Education in the 21st century culture can mean that what they are being taught or asked to do can appear to conflict with their automatic line of development, which is where they are based and where they act from.

When contradictions happen, children, who lack reference to express their needs articulately, may ask, ‘why should I?’ or start to show symptoms of shut down, to protect their natural line of development.

Many naturally bright children develop low self-esteem, lack of confidence, frustration, boredom and more, because of disconnection or distance from the core of themselves.

It really doesn’t matter what nationality you are; the one thing everyone has in common, wherever we are in the world, whatever faith or lifestyle we adhere to, is that we are all HUMAN AT CORE.

This program is about developing the HUMAN AT CORE in your child, by helping them make the connections they need for their formation and successful integration into a challenging world.

Gail Hugman
Award winning, children’s life coach, bestselling author and teacher of tomorrow, Gail has transformed the lives of children from over 50 countries; helping to put them in control of their lives, build self-esteem and get accepted into selective schools. Her unique methodology, based on decades of experience,
is designed to unleash children’s potential and drive stellar performance.